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Disruptive businesses that are emerging from IT

Disruptive innovation refers to a technology that significantly affects the market. In business, a disruptive innovation creates a new market, value network and eventually disrupts an existing market. Among so many startups and technological innovations, what are the current technologies that could bring a new value network and eventually displace leading firms, products, and market alliances?

An article published by the Journal of Business Research [1], that interviewed seven IT specialists, highlights that the IT evolution new businesses associated to new clusters like education, energy, e-tourism, e-health, creative industries, smart cities and intelligent transport systems are emerging as technologies that are changing the way markets and organizations work. See the list below:

– Processes monitoring
– Analytics
– Distributed manufacturing
– New materials

– Digital learning
– Mobile learning
– eLearning

Creative industries:
-3D printing

– Monitoring
– Batteries

– New processes
– New technologies

– Monitoring
– Home care

Smart city:
– Monitoring
– Security
– Energy consumption

Intelligent transport systems:
– Traffic monitoring
– Intelligent parking

According to the publication, “the focus on the new business should be in coordination between the various existing economically activities, establishing symbiotic relationships of growth”. Technology has changed the behaviour of the customer and therefore this change allows models that meet these needs, generating new business.

I hope the above list helps you to identify economies around you that could be considered in your business model as opportunities to face 2019.


[1] Sousa, M.J. and Rocha, Á., 2019. Skills for disruptive digital business. Journal of Business Research, 94, pp.257–263

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