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Facial recognition

What is facial recognition?

The Poirot face recognition software uses a deep learning algorithm to compare an image of a subject with the ones stored in the database. If the current image matches with the stored image then only the identi...

Success Stories

binamp is sponsor of a football club

This year binamp will participate as an official sponsor of the club “La Lomita” in the historic UCFA championship. In 2018, this club turned out to be the league’s champion team.

Innovation It

Disruptive businesses that are emerging from IT

Disruptive innovation refers to a technology that significantly affects the market. In business, a disruptive innovation creates a new market, value network and eventually disrupts an existing market. Among so ...

Success Stories

Six Words To Remember in 2019: Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast

Think Big Those who “think big” consider the full range of possible futures. They make sure that they understand the emerging context rather than assume that their current assumptions are right. They consider, ...


Importance of Market Research for Startups

Lego, Starbucks, Coca-Cola are big brands that spend millions of dollars each year on Market research to compete at the highest level and to maintain their point of distinction as a brand and how important it i...

Facial recognition Neural Networks Poirot Success Stories

Poirot is a Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition is actually becoming a usable reality and not in the scary way we have seen in sci-fi movies. It’s now in several consumer tech devices. Almost every major phone company has a phone with some...

twins facial recognition
Facial recognition

Can facial recognition software differentiate between identical twins?

Asked by: Steve Tayler, Coventry Identical twins are a particularly stringent stress test for facial recognition systems. So when Windows 10 launched, some wondered whether twins could fool Windows Hello, the a...

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